Wind Chimes

Enjoy the ting of chimes while sitting on your porch or add some flare to any room with a set of wind chimes.  All of our chimes can be made from aluminum, steel or stainless and cut to your specifications. Wind chimes make a wonderful gift for anyone.

     Aluminum KC Chiefs Chimes     $22.50


     Cowboy Chimes        $20.00


     Cowboy Texas Chimes         $22.50



       Flame Painted Cardinal Chimes    $22.50


     Texas Star Chimes         $22.50


     Flame Painted Hummingbird Chimes    $22.50


     Red KC Chiefs Chimes          $22.50


     Flame Painted Mexican Cross Chimes    $22.50


     Stainless Star Spinner        $20.00


     Flame Painted Pointed Cross chimes      $22.50