Fire Rings

Functional and decorative, our fully customizeable fire rings will make your back yard barbeque or neighborhood party warm and inviting. The models shown below come with an expanded metal bottom. A smaller version of fire rings is also available without legs and bottoms and with cut out handles.

Dimensions:  36"x 18" Pit
                  26" Overall Height                 


     Sports Logo Fire Ring     $250.00



      Wildlife Scene Fire Ring     $250.00



    Wildlife Fire Ring       $250.00


      Urban Fire Ring/Grill  $185.00


Outdoor Decor

You guessed it...all of these items are cutomizable as well. Easily call the troops in for dinner or just decorate your barn or home with a weather vane. 


     Shepard's Hook         $35.00



     Road Runner Weather Vane       $65.00



     Thinking Cowboy Weather Vane     $65.00


     Bass Weather Vane      $65.00


     Boot Dinner Bell      $30.00


     KC Chiefs Dinner Bell        $30.00